Dark Archive Guild Rules and Policies

LAST REVISED: 02/07/2021


  • Be respectful to all players - especially within the guild.
  • No discussion of controversial topics (religion, politics, etc)
  • No use of cheats that give you an advantage over other players (harmless glitches are fine)
  • Ask permission before you take the helm of another pirate’s ship
  • Ask permission to teleport to another pirate
    • Permission is implied in the following situations:
      • Being in a crew with the target pirate
      • Target pirate is asking for help
      • The target pirate hosts an “open TP” event (invasions, material run, etc.)
  • No participation in guild wars/conflicts
  • No slandering of other guilds.
  • Help out where possible - not required, but is encouraged
  • Report any pirates that insult or harass you to TLOPO administration as well as any Officer on duty.
  • No impersonating DA officers or TLOPO staff.
  • Have FUN and get RICH!



Members are subject to removal after the third warning from an officer.  Warnings expire after 3 months.  If a member's behavior is excessively disruptive to the guild, an officer may choose to remove the member immediately but the member has the right to be informed of the reason for the removal prior to the booting.


If you leave the guild or are removed:

  • First occurrence: a 24 hour waiting period will be put into effect at the time of leaving
  • Second occurrence: the Guildmaster will have to grant permission for the pirate to return and a 24 hour waiting period will be in effect if approved.
  • Third occurrence: Officers at the next Officer meeting will vote on whether or not the pirate should be allowed to return. The pirate will need to appeal their case. The appealee gets 2 weeks to submit an appeal to an Officer to start the appeal process. The member does not need to rejoin immediately after a decision is made. Should the member refuse to appeal or fail to respond to inquiry, they forfeit their ability to rejoin the guild.
  • Fourth occurrence: permanent leave.



The following guidelines should be regarded when in a situation involving the activity of looting - with or without guildmates:

  • If you are the FIRST person in a specific looting area (a single boss or small group of enemies), you have claim to that area
  • If you are NOT the first person there, you must request permission to loot there with those who were there first. This includes if you teleported to revive the person who has claim to the area in question. Be respectful of others’ spaces.
  • If you are NOT first and those there grant you permission to loot with them, do not declare “open TP” and invite others to loot with you - unless the people there explicitly grant the permission to do so
  • If you are the first person in an area and you leave the area or go AFK, you surrender your claim to that area
  • If you are the first person in an area and you give permission for an individual to loot with you, one should NOT dominate the looting area with blunderbuss/grenades unless permission is revoked



If one does not play for a period of 3 months, the pirate will be demoted according to the Officer Behavior Guidelines until Member status remains. If Member status is already held, the Member will eligible for addition to a Boot List and will await expulsion unless they return.

Officers/Members can be exempt from this policy if they are currently serving in the military or have communicated other extenuating circumstances to First Class Officers and above.



The following guidelines apply when on a ship - with or without guildmates:

  • Do NOT board another player’s ship without the Ship Owner’s or Appointed Leader’s permission.
  • Do NOT take the helm of another player’s ship without the Ship Owner’s or Appointed Leader’s permission
    • Permission is given if you are in a crew with the Owner or the Appointed Leader
  • If a member of the guild becomes AFK on a cannon or repair station of a ship that is not their own, this is considered to be hindering the gameplay of others on that ship. The captain may opt to boot the member off of the ship. Repeated behavior of this nature may lead to further consequence.
  • Members should ALWAYS respect the Ship Owner's wishes. If the Ship Owner states that it is not acceptable to go AFK on the ship at any point during the voyage and a Member goes against these wishes, this is punishable via the respect rule, found in the Core Rules section.



The following guidelines should be adhered to when chatting in guild chat:

  • Be conservative with messages in “all caps.” Messages in all caps cannot exceed three (3) lines of chat*
  • Do not spam with no real message or meaning
  • All chat messages should adhere to both TLOPO and Dark Archive guild rules

*A line of chat is classified as pressing “enter” after each line



Third party programs such as macro/clicker programs are also forbidden. If caught using such programs to gain reputation, place on the leaderboards, or gain an unfair advantage over others, the member will be subject to expulsion or severe punishment.

It is also considered a risk to the guild for you to attempt to gain access to another member’s account. You may NOT ask another member for their username or password.



Officers in the guild need to document each occurrence of a pirate joining and leaving the guild. If a member wishes to SWAP an alternate pirate in the guild with another pirate, they may do so. However, after that occurrence, if the desire to swap a pirate arises again, they must wait 1 month before the swap will be allowed.

Members can have 1 main and 2 alts in the guild; Officers can have 1 main and 4 alts.



The following list outlines behavior/conduct that can and will result in immediate removal. Members who commit any behavior listed below will be banned from the guild. If a member wishes to request an appeal to their ban, they may do so during Officer Court in which the member will be questioned and be given an opportunity to present his/her case. The Officers will vote on his/her return status.

  • Harassment
  • Consistently and/or incessantly harassing TLOPO staff within the guild about account, bug, or other support related issues which should be directed to other, more appropriate channels.
  • Stalking
  • Excessive, non-playful name-calling
  • Asking for personally identifiable information
  • Overly descriptive messages of a drug, alcohol, and/or sexual topics
  • Usage of third-party programs such as, but not limited to, macros, autoclickers, injectors, Cheat Engine, multibox applications, or any other program that would give you an advantage over another player.