Velvet DeMarisco

Velvet DeMarisco was born to a family of sailors, who roamed the vast oceans and seas looking for the perfect place to plunder and get rich.  Velvet DeMarisco and her crazy sister, Valentina, sailed to Cuba and fell in love with warm, blue, crystal waters of the Caribbean and decided to make Cuba their home.   They could be seen sailing around the Caribbean, terrorizing the British Navy and EITC for loot and shipping materials. Until one day the sisters got into a nasty cat fight at the Rowdy Rooster (no one really knows why, but speculations are that it’s over a man), so they split up looking for new friends.  Velvet found herself joining Dark Archive where she met some amazing friends, especially Peter (Stinky) Ironcastle, who loves to harass and prank Velvet to no end.

In the real world

I stared playing POTCO back in 2008 when my boyfriend, now husband, introduced me to the game.  I belonged to the guild Spania, but never really played with my guild mates as we played with our children until they lost interest in the game.  My POTCO pirate’s name was Skye O’Malley, which was the first pirate I created when I started playing TLOPO.   I have three kids, three dogs named Penny, Maggie and Lucy; and a husband that plays TLOPO and is also a member of Dark Archive (Fenris Truekidd).