Roger O'Martin

Roger O'Martin

The Tale of Roger O’Martin

Roger O’Martin came from a family of sailors and ship makers who specialized in fast ships. The O’Martins were contracted by Governor Swann to increase the size of the already massive fleet of the Royal Navy. In his younger days Roger O’Martin was always a curious child. He was always seen wandering around the shores of Port Royal, eavesdropping on random conversations, tricking the navy guards and getting himself into trouble. Years went by when Ronald O’Martin passed away, leaving the company to his son Roger. Aware of the increasing pirate threat, and the hostilities increasing between the Crown, French and Spanish Empires, he took his team of engineers and started to work on developing plans for stronger Ships of the Line to help defend the islands. Tirelessly working day and night, they created plans for a monstrous ship, a ship all would cower in fear when they hear its name. The Goliath! A few months went by and Lord Cutler Beckett arrived with an occupation force to reestablish order on Port Royal after Governor Swann released the infamous pirate Jack Sparrow. Worried that the two highly influential families would cause an uprising, Lord Beckett orders his right-hand man Ian Mercer to swiftly eliminate the O’Martins, destroy their manor, and seize all ship plans. Barely escaping with his life, Roger was able to escape the manor by hiding behind barrels. Lord Beckett's actions finally showed young Roger the true evils of the Royal Navy and the King. Completely enraged, he grabs a forgotten rusty cutlass that was leaning against a barrel and makes his way down to his old childhood friend, Darby Drydock. Darby was able to lend him a ship to escape the occupied island. After casting off from a secret dock through the Royal Caverns, all he could see was the smoke and flames that had engorged his home. With hopelessness filling him up, he was tempted to cast himself overboard. He hears ship bells ringing in the distance. A massive ship, with red sails and a metal hull. The gargantuan ship was being pursued by three Navy ships. The flagship then took an evasive maneuver that aligned its broadsides with the Navy ships. One by one, each ship swiftly sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Emerging from the clouds of smoke, a flag that could only be identified from local tavern stories. A black flag, with a red phoenix, and in the middle of those wings stood the letters DA.  It was in that very moment he realized, right in front of him was the legendary ship, The Wicked Nemesis. The Dark Archive was real. There was no guild more powerful and influential than the Dark Archive. Roger picks himself up by the bootstraps, wipes the tears off his face and grabs the helm. He slowly whispers under his breath “Its time to find my true destiny!’


Hope you enjoyed the short story! I’m Roger O’Martin, I was 13 years old when I first got involved in POTCO. After some time away from the game I came back 8 months before it closed, not able to remember my POTCO pirates name. I started here on TLOPO with a fresh face in 2017. Always making new pirates and never completing old pirates, I then took a break for a few years. I’m happy to say I’m back with a great pirate, and many great new friends! I’ve been a proud member of Dark Archive since April 18th, 2020. I was promoted to Second Class Officer on July 16th, 2020. My favorite things to do on TLOPO are helping members anyway I can, playing blackjack, and trying to figure out new outfit combinations. 

Outside of the game, I’m a college student who his perusing a degree in accounting. I love working with kids, and I’m very involved in my hometown and community. I volunteer as a peer mentor for the students who attend the local school district. One of my accomplishments in life was seeing through the completion of a memorial that serves as a beacon of hope to all who are suffering though hard times. During the summer I like to go hiking, camping, and go to the beach. My birthday is November 25th and my favorite color is purple.