Kris Cannonfury

I started playing POTCO on March 1st 2008. My main two pirates are Kris Cannonfury & Kris Mc Pasta. My first guild was called The Dolls, which I had became an officer of.  

I joined the Dark Archive on December 4, 2010, eventually becoming an officer, then 2nd class officer.  

Other online games I have played or tried are; Lord of the Rings Online, Toon Town, toon town rewritten, Age of Empires II, & Left 4 Dead. 

Favorite meals;  Spaghetti, roast beef with potatoes and carrots, rice with yogurt and chicken

Favorite drinks; sweet tea, water, milk, and cokes. 

Time Zone: Central Time (U.S)

Favorite Sports teams; Alabama Crimson Tide football & Atlanta Falcons.

Favorite tlopo activity; looting and chatting

Ship name; Victory Shark

Hobbies; family tree research, coin collecting, gardening, writing

Favorite tv shows; NCIS, Law & Order SVU, various ID Discovery shows, WWE Raw/Smackdown, Erin Burnette Outfront.