Kevin Ironbeard


My son and I started playing POTCO in Feb 2008 after seeing an advertisement on TV for the game.  I think the commercial was on ESPN?  He was 7 years old and we enjoyed the time together and played until closing in Sept 2013.  I returned when TLOPO started in Alpha and Beta, but my son (being older now) moved towards other Video and Xbox games.  I’ve had a pirate in Dark Archive since 2011.  The reason I enjoy the game and DA is for the family friendly guild mates, respect from all players, and gives me a break from real life.


My Real Life

My age is a few years past Kat Five Knives, sorry Kat :), I am married (24 years) with 1 son, now 18 years old.  I grew up in South Eastern Wisconsin, went to college at University of Wisconsin – Madison, graduating with a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering.  Upon graduating, my only job offer took me to Central Indiana (EST) where I spent 13 years working as a civilian for the Navy on GPS Airborne Navigation Systems.  Currently, I am in my 20th year at Rolls-Royce Aerospace working mostly on the F35B, and now on a NASA DARPA Hypersonic project.  Outside of work, I enjoy Bowling, NFL (Greenbay Packers), NHRA Drag Racing, Riding my Bicycle, Geocaching, Pizza, and Renaissance Fairs.