James Swordfury

Main Pirate - James Swordfury

Rank - Second Class Officer

Nickname - Sheriff Swordfury

Birthday - August 24th

Joined Dark Archive on September 28th, 2019

Became a officer on January 26th, 2020


About Me

In game - Im known as Sheriff Swordfury because I spend a lot of the time sitting on Tortuga reporting players who are breaking the rules or Im watching/ Moderating the guild and handling various tasks as a officer of Da. If Im not doing that I can be seen helping players with leveling, quests or Misc task or quietly looting a boss or sometimes be seen chilling on a calm area chatting with the guild or friends.


Personal life outside of the game

Outside of the game I have a professional hobby/ interest in Security and can be seen volunteering at church or a family event where guest are present. I have a huge interest and passion in being in the outdoors. I enjoy Hunting, Fishing, Hiking, Camping, Gun collecting. Im generally a very friendly and helpful person and enjoy helping others out with various things.


Contact - If theres anything that you may need help with you can send me a direct message and I will do my very best to help you out. You can Reach me primarily on the Dark Archive Discord  or the DA website or by the Pirates forum page. If you want to contact Me outside of those areas Please send me a message Via the DA website.

  1. Discord - James Swordfury#1137
  2. Da website - https://dark-archive.com/users/james-swordfury



                                        Thank You and enjoy your day. Sincerely James Swordfury.

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