Destroyer Maniac

 Ahoy all! My name is Destroyer Maniac, but nearly everyone calls me "Des". Ive been a member of Dark Archive since 2010, and an officer later on that year. I consider myself a looter as well as a Jumper within TLOPO. I used to be quite active on the POTCO Wikia way back in the day, and gained some populairty after finding two (2) Emerald Curse blades at Abassa Tormenta within 10 Minutes of each other. Needless to say, looting in Tormenta is my favorite past time. I was also a 1st place winner in the Feats of Strength Competition 2013 back in POTCO.  If I am not found in Tormenta then I am at the South Idol in El Patrons Mine.


A little about me personally-

I am 21 years of age and was born in Florida of the USA. Birthday is in June.  I served 2 years in the Army National Guard as a Forward Observer ( AKA I call in Bombs. Artillery, Airstrikes, and Naval Strikes). Now I am serving in the Army Reserves as a Supply Specialist. All in all, in July it will be 5 years of service so far in the armed forces. On top of the Military I am a full time student, receiving my AA in General Education this summer, as well as holding nearly a full time job ( roughly 36 hours a week) at Costco Wholesale


After getting my AA I will move on and continue my education within the field of Optometry. 

 Also I would like to do classes to explore the world of gunsmithing. 

Some fun facts about me-

-I am CPR certified.

-I am a certified Scuba Diver through NAUI.

-I did Karate / MMA for 13 years. Haven't gotten into it as much since I joined the Army, still love the sport and I spar with my friends every now and then.

-In case you didn't notice, I LOVE firearms. ( Yes can be controversial in today's time, if you wanna debate or talk I'm always open ears, savvy?)

- I enjoy fitness and working out, going to the gym at least 5 times a week.

- Lived in Florida, USA all my life. Plan to move to Arizona, and visit / possibly live once each state once.

- Music is my favorite pass time, as well as distraction. I love just about anything, with Rock being first, rap being second, and country music being at the bottom.


If you have any more interest in me feel free to PM me here on the site, or on Discord. ( DestroyerManiac#0326 ).