David Ironeagle

Main Pirate Name: David Ironeagle

Officer Rank: Second Class, baby

Alternate Pirate Name(s): David Ironhawk, Thanatos, Anubis, Potato

Nickname(s): Grasshopper/Grasshoppa

Birthday: September 7

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Food: A nice chicken cheesesteak 

Timezone/Active Times: EST, but I can be found playing at any time

Favorite Weapon: World Eater Blade

Favorite Clothing: Bright Green Embellished Vest

I started playing Potco waaaaay back when in November of 2007, and hopped on Tlopo when it was still in Closed Alpha. I joined DA on December 22, 2011 and became an Officer on June 10, 2012. Looting and sailing with friends and guildies, or just cracking jokes in the guild chat or Discord are by far my favorite things to do in the game. Also in charge of keeping track of everyone's birthdays in the DA Discord, so that's something productive.

Growing up, I've played lots of games across different systems (#MacMasterRace). Personal highlights include the Assassin's Creed series, Rainbow Six Siege, the Smash Bros. series, Ribbit King, the Ace Attorney series, RIFT, GTA V/Online, and of course, Potco/Tlopo. 

Outside of gaming: I'm a college undergrad studying Criminal Justice/Econ. Hobbies include playing & following basketball, teaching myself guitar (acoustic), or prowling the depths of Reddit for the next up and coming memes (RIP Vine).

If you see me in chat, you can prepare for puns bad enough to usually get me sent to the corner. I'm firmly of the belief that "Jokes are like cheese - Some of the best stink the most"

Need to contact me? Send me a PM here, on Forums, or Discord (DavidIroneagle#4765)