Main of DA pirate name: Darkness
Alt Pirates of DA: Brightness, Hound Dog, Lady Hound
Officer rank: Second-class Officer
Main Pirates Birthday: February 8th
Alt Pirates Birthday: February 3rd
Favorite color: Electric Blue
Time zone: Central
Dream Weapon: Thunderspine 
Favorite Weapon: Barracuda Blade (currently own)

How my POTCO Story began:
I started playing POTCO way back when it was first released in 2007 and well immediately loved the game. Played it through my childhood all the way till it shut down. When the game closed I started playing Wizard101 again and its secondary version called Pirate101. I would often do searches too see if they reopened the game and in March of 2017 I discover TLOPO and immediately signed up to play it. This game brings back a lot of my childhood memories for me and am glad to be apart of it. Overall Im glad I found DA (being one of the many guilds im in) and had the opportunity to become an officer of it back in October 2019.

IRL story:
Well where to begin.. I'm currently 20 years old and I work as a cook at a restaurant in my town. Graduated high school back in May of 2018. I had the opportunity too play my favorite sport which is football for 5 years! 
Birthday: July 9th
Favorite Food: Chicken or is it Pizza?? 
Favorite Sport: Football
Favorite NFL Team: Steelers
Favorite Game other than POTCO: Wizard101 (PC) GTA or COD (Play Station)