Char Gold Rogers


About Char Gold Rogers

I'll try to make this 11 year tale as short as possible.

Char Gold Rogers was born into the Caribbean without knowing who his family was. He was raised in a lawless town up until his young teenage years. He constantly fought for survival but never let go of his dream to be a captain that sailed the seas. Eventually two visiting pirates took interest in him and carried him out to sea. The two pirates were named Jasmine Bladehawk and Will Stormfury. On their adventures, they taught Char everything they knew about the sea. How to fight any enemy and how to sail any ship. They were surprised to find Char had a talent with driving ships and said his future as a pirate was bright. Everything was great. But suddenly the two disappeared, leaving their ship for Char to handle alone.

Char ended up having to defend the ship from invaders, but being outnumbered, he lost and was thrown into the sea. He would later be saved by a wandering pirate name Jason Firewalker. They ended up being great friends. Jason dropped Char off at Tortuga and it was there that Char started his pirate career.

He would go on to join a huge guild named Eagles of War. A guild devoted to fighting and sea warfare. Char fought endlessly with and against this guild, giving him experience in all forms of combat. The days were numbered however. Through the night, an officer went rogue and killed most of the guild in their sleep. When Char woke the next morning the proud guild of warriors was decimated, only ranging in the dozens. An officer that survived the carnage told Char that his future was bright and he shouldn't waste it in this destroyed guild. Char said his farewells and left, wondering what was there left for him now.

Conveniently at that moment, he received a message from Jason. It was an invitation to his new guild that he just started. Char accepted and joined the crew of Jason and a pirate named Kat Five Knives. Their guild would eventually become the most dominating force in the Caribbean and Char to this day serves as an officer. Char fulfilled his dream of captaining a ship of his own and sails against foes under the banner of Dark Archive.

Hobbies in game: 

I like to sail and spar! Will accept any challenge in SvS

I also like to make fun of pirates that obsess over clothing.

Ships: The Three Kings!

Sea King 

Blue King

Outlaw King


I'm from Texas.


I want Dark Archive to continue its reign as the best guild in the game. It's an honor to carry its name and to represent it as a first class officer. I want Dark Archive's reputation to reach every corner of the Caribbean and to finish out my days as a pirate amongst its ranks. Glory to DA!