Officer Meeting Minutes


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September 27, 2020

Cranky Director:  Boss

Minute Maid:  KFK

Proxy Master:  Nate Hexwinds

ATTENDEES:  Jason Firewalker, Lara, Darkness, Peter Ironcastle, Nate Hexwinds, Jade Daggerfury, Spencer Fire, Roger O'Martin, John Foulroberts, Kat Five Knives, Charlotte Ironphoenix, Tyler McDyess, David Ironeagle, Char Gold Rogers, Mark Murlock

By Proxy:  William Foulbutler, Richard Fireskull, Samuel, Kris Cannonfury, Kevin Ironbeard, Destroyer Maniac


- Proposal to allow guests to view, but not participate in the Flex Channel.  The proposal passed.

August 23, 2020

Officer Meeting Agenda August 23, 2020

Attendees:  Richard Fireskull, William Foulbutler, David Ironeagle, Jason Firewalker, Kat Five Knives, Kris Cannonfury, Tyler McDyess, Spencer Fire, Joseph Savagewrecker, Murlock, Nate Hexwinds,  Roger O’Martin, Peter Ironcastle, Kevin Ironbeard, Jade Daggerfury, John Foulroberts, Char Gold Rogers, Destroyer Maniac, Mekelle

July 26, 2020

ATTENDEES:  Jason Firewalker, Kat Five Knives, Captain Zamora, Peter Ironcastle, Jade Daggerfury, John Foulroberts, Larimar, Spencer Fire, Charlotte Ironphoenix, Richard "Big Rich" Fireskull, Char Gold Rogers, Joseph Savagewrecker, Murlock, Destroyer Maniac, Roger O'Martin, James Swordfury, Kevin Ironbeard, Nate Hexwinds, Mekelle

By Proxy:  William Foulbutler, Kris Cannonfury, Tyler McDyess, David Ironeagle, Darkness, Samuel


June 28, 2020


Jason Firewalker, John Foulroberts, Kat Five Knives, Jade Daggerfury, Spencer Fire, Destroyer Maniac, James Couch, James Swordfury, Rich Fireskull, Char Gold Rogers, Nate Hexwinds, David Ironeagle, Peter Ironcastle, Charlotte Ironphoenix, Will Plankmalley, Murlock, Larimar, Kris Cannonfury, Joseph Savagewrecker

By proxy: William Foulbutler, Kevin Ironbeard, Tyler McDyess, Darkness, Samuel, Captain Zamora


May 24, 2020

ATTENDEES: John Foulroberts, William Foulbutler, Captain Zamora, James Swordfury, Kevin Ironbeard, Richard "Big Rich" Fireskull, Spencer Fire, David Ironeagle, James Couch, Char Gold Rogers, Tyler McDyess, Charlotte Ironphoenix, Samuel, Murlock, Jason Firewalker, Kat Five Knives, Peter Ironcastle, Kris CAnnonfury, Joseph/Jessie savagewrecker, Mekelle


BY PROXY: Darkness, Velvet, Richard, Samuel, Nate, Destroyer Maniac, David Ironeagle (some were present)


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April 26, 2020


Jason Firewalker, John Foulroberts, Kat Five Knives, Char Gold Rogers, Kevin Ironbeard, Murlock, James Swordfury, William Foulbutler, Peter Ironcastle, Kris Cannonfury, Johnny O'Might, Spencer Fire, Tyler McDyess, Terror, David Ironeagle, Darkness, Mekelle

By proxy: Destroyer Maniac, Velvet DeMarisco


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March 22, 2020

Officer meeting 3/22/2020

ATTENDEES:  Jason Firewalker, John Foulroberts, Kat Five Knives, Murlock, William Foulbutler, 
Kevin Ironbeard, Spencer Fire, James Swordfury, Kris Cannonfury, Velvet DeMarisco,
Joseph / Jessie Savagewrecker, Mekelle, Char Gold Rogers, Peter Ironcastle, Tyler McDyess.
Charlotte Ironphoenix, David Ironeagle
By Proxy:  Samuel and Darkness


February 23, 2020


Jason Firewalker, John Foulroberts, Kat Five Knives, Velvet DeMarisco, Kris Cannonfury, William Foulbutler, James Swordfury, Samuel, Peter Ironcastle, Kevin Ironbeard, Spencer Fire, Tyler McDyess, David Ironeagle, Char Gold Rogers, Eric Fireskull, Mekelle

By proxy: Darkness, Richard Fireskull


January 26, 2020

ATTENDEES:  Jason Firewalker, Kat Five Knives, John Foulroberts, Nate Hexwinds, Char Gold Rogers, Kris McPasta, William Foulbutler, Tyler McDyess, Samuel Bladeburn, Velvet DeMarisco, Kevin Ironbeard, Peter Ironcastle, Eric Fireskull, Joseph Savagewrecker

By Proxy:  Richard "Big Rich" Fireskull, Boots AKA Darkness; Destroyer Maniac, 


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January 6, 2020 - special meeting

Jason Firewalker, John Foulroberts, Kat Five Knives, Char Gold Rogers, William Foulbutler, Charlotte Ironphoenix, Joseph/Jessie Savagewrecker, David Ironeagle, Murlock, James Couch, Darkness, Tyler McDyess, Velvet DeMarisco, Peter Ironcastle, Richard "Big Rich" Fireskull, Samuel Bladeburn, Kris McPasta
Present by Proxy:  Kevin Ironbeard, Eric Fireskull