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What does everyone have for their desktop/laptop setup? 3x1080p screens, i7-8700k @ 4.5Ghz, 32GB 3200Mhz DDR4, and RTX 2070 for me :D

Picture of my desk back when I was using my old pc.

Old pc was 24GB 1333Mhz DDR3, i7-2600 @ 3.5Ghz, and RX-470 8GB


Submitted by Samuel_Bladeburn on Thu, 08/01/2019 - 11:50 AM

CPU: i7-2600 - Quad core at 3.4GHz
RAM: 28GB DDR3 1600
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z68A-D3H-B3
GPU: MSI Gaming X 8GB RX-470
OS: Windows 8.1
Cooler: Coolermaster Hyper T2
Case: Thermaltake Black Versa H25 mid-tower


32" visio TV
lg 24in monitor and an hp 2311x and a random 1680x1050 monitor
Cyber Acoustics CA3550RB 2.1 speaker set
HyperX Cloud II headphones
Razer Naga Epic Chroma mouse
Razer Blackwidow Chroma keyboard

gaming setup