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- This server IS whitelisted -

This server is strictly vanilla survival and adheres to traditional Minecraft gameplay. All players are expected to follow a set of rules to ensure a safe, enjoyable time while playing on the server. In addition, this is NOT a PVP server.

Server rules:

  1. Be respectful to others - this includes their items and property.
  2. Use common sense.
  3. Do not beg for promotions.
  4. Refrain from intentional PVP.
  5. Do not build in a manner that is intrusive to others.
  6. Use chat responsibly.
  7. You break it, you fix it.
  8. Have fun!

John Foulroberts and I administrate the server - if you have any questions or concerns, you're more than welcome to contact us.

Server Information
Platform: Spigot - 1.16.1
Mods: none! This server is completely vanilla.

  • Essentials
  • LuckPerms
  • Vault
  • ConsoleSay
  • WorldGuard
  • WorldEdit

What is the server hosted on?
Currently, it is hosted by Beastnode.

What are the server hours?
The server should be up 24 hours a day.

Server uptime is not guaranteed and is subject to Beastnode's connection.

Player Roster
Below is a list of players who have joined us thus far:

[Guildmaster] Amarok410 - Jason Firewalker (Dark Archive GM)
[Sysadmin] fireskullslegacy- me
[Sysadmin] JFoulroberts - John Foulroberts
[Co-GM] Katfiveknives - Kat Five Knives
[SCO] SpacePinecone - Samuel
[SCO] Shackmound - Joseph Shadwell
[SCO] David_Ironeagle - David Ironeagle
[SCO] Buddyboy853 - Roger O'Martin
[Member] Mahotou - Mahotou

Questions, comments? Leave them below!