September 30, 2012


Jason Firewalker, Cougar Bladerage, John Foulroberts, Cap Jacky, James Ironkidd, William Foulbutler, Patrick, Jack Daggerwrecker, Leviathan X, Fireflint, Angelica Teach, Tobias Darkfitte, Bartholomew Firewrecker, Horatio Stormchaser, Sir Pasta Lot 

By proxy: Kitty, Samuel Plankburn 


-Forum issues 
*An officer brought up an issue of a banned member sneaking alt pirates into the guild. The idea of looking up the pirate during a guilding and confirming that they are not a banned member on the directory was discussed. It was concluded that officers will start to confirm their guildings to ensure no unwanted pirates are let into the guild. If an officer needs assistance, other officers online and not afk should be willing to help. 

-Open issues 
*Contact with a banned member of the guild was made with an officer - the officers are aware of this and know to ignore such pirates. 

-Officer's Court 


Leon Singedsilver - training to be extended. 

Destroyer Maniac Revenge - training to be extended. 


None due to the fact that we still have 2 petty officers to train. 

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