September 3, 2017


Jason Firewalker, Kat Five Knives, John Foulroberts, William Foulbutler, Kris Cannonfury, Tobias Darkfitte, Kitty, John Yellowrat, Thomas Sailskull, Nate Hexwinds, Ezmerelda Dreadbones, Drewski, Maxwell Murlock, Mark Scurvyfox, Kevin Ironbeard, Jack Cannonshot, Richard Fireskull, Samuel, Bort Greasegorb, David Goldrage, Char Gold Rogers, David Ironeagle, Johnny Swordparr

By proxy: Destroyer Maniac, Mekelle, Charlotte Ironphoenix



  • Report on the officer database: The past two weeks have been extremely productive in entering records to the database. Only a few more records need to be added until the database is considered to be in a "complete" state. Officers have done remarkably well in signing up for work and completing it. Bootings/leavings will also no longer be documented on the guild site, but the Welcome Thread will still be maintained as it is a publicly facing item.



  • Petty Officer guilding requirement: Officers decided that a MINIMUM of two people must be guilded by a Petty Officer in order to qualify for approval (as an informal guideline).
  • Officers and Discord: Officers voted to require the demotion of any Officer who refuses to use Discord. Discord is a crucial mode of communication between Officers, especially for attending meetings. Meetings are held exclusively on Discord, and are a critical part of an Officer's involvement in the guild. For this reason, any Officer who refuses to follow this protocol will lose office.
  • Officer chat: It was determined that the officer channel will still be valid for use for venting/discussion of less important topics. More important topics will also be pinned for easy access in the channel in order to fight clutter.
  • Tavern chat rules: Mild language will be allowed in #tavern chat. Anything greater will need to be redirected to the NSFW channel.
  • Friday Events - Fashion Fail Fleet Fridays: Since SVS is a lemon currently, Officers voted to start "Fashion Fail Fleet Fridays" - material runs with horribly clothed crewmates - every Friday. Done with inspiration of the DA's 8th anniversary party.
  • Glitched Pirates: There are 26 "glitched" (cards don't show) pirates in the guild. A list of them will be delivered to JFR to see if TLOPO can resolve the problem or remove the pirates manually from the database. If they are removed, they should not be subject to penalty with regards to returning.
  • Events: It was reiterated that Officers should be actively hosting events, such as looting runs, material runs, and other celebratory functions. This is done in order to maintain a welcoming and engaging atmosphere in the guild.
  • Inactive Members: Since TLOPO is going into Open Beta, inactivity rules will begin to apply. Once the guild reaches 500 members, boot lists will be put into effect. Likewise, the officer inactivity policy will also be restarted.



  • Charles Scurvyfish - training extended another 2 weeks.



  • Misty Heartpaine - mentored by Kris Cannonfury and Thomas Sailskull.