September 26, 2021

Officer Meeting 9/26/2021

ATTENDEES:  William Foulbutler, Kat Five Knives, Larimar, Richard Fireskull, 
Peter Ironcastle, Nate Hexwinds, Kevin Ironbeard, Murlock, Samuel, Darkness (Boots)
Tyler McDyess, Jade Daggerfury, Char Gold Rogers, Jason Firewalker, John Raidratte, 
Lady Cheese Curd, Venus, David Ironeagle, Hartley
By Proxy:  Top Hat, Kris Cannonfury

--William reports minor changes to the db, including bug fixes, adding pagination
and quickview

--Officers are asked to sign up to sponsor events


--Top Hat announces another alt hunt to be planned for December
--A suggestion was made to ping officer when a meeting starts.
--Richard announced a Tuesday night minecraft drop in event - date TBD