September 2, 2012


Jason Firewalker, Cougar Bladerage, John Foulroberts, Cap Jacky, Capt. Wildcastle, Jack Daggerwrecker, Leviathan X, Patrick, Samuel Plankburn, William Foulbutler, Tobias Darkfitte, David Ironeagle 

By proxy: Richard Fireskull, Sir Pasta Lot, David Darkbones 


-Forum issues 

*Discussion was initiated on the topic of how many alt pirates a person can have in the guild. It was final that a member can have ONE other pirate in the guild. This effect will be grandfathered in to alts currently in the guild - meaning that if you already have more than 2 pirates in the guild you do NOT have to remove any. Future members will be restricted to 1 or 2 pirates at the most. This restriction does not apply to officers. 

-Open issues 

*A conversation about spamming in guild chat was brought up again - officers should continue to moderate and enforce general chat rules. An example of spam is stick figures. 
Effective immediately: these mainly consist of 3 lines of chat - officers concluded that "spam" consists of 4 or more lines of chat. Officers may warn at their discretion if they feel the chat is getting too out of control. 

-Officer's Court 


Marco / Trusted X- promoted to officer. 

Bartholomew Firewrecker/Basil O'davis - promoted to officer. 


James Ironkidd - to be mentored by Jack Daggerwrecker 

If there is an error in this report, please send a PM to Kat Five Knives.