September 16, 2012

Officers present: 
Jason Firewalker, Drew, Fireflint, Jack Daggerwrecker, Kitty, Leviatan X, Mike, Patrick, Sir Pasta Lot, Tobias Darkfitte, Trusted X, William Foulbutler, Kelby, and Capt Jacky. 

BY Proxy: Cougar Bladerage/KFK, John Foulroberts, Kate Wildcastle, Big Richard Fireskull 

Issues discussed: 

1. An officer complained that she/he was not being respected as an officer in a situation where DA pirates and outside guilds were present. Boss told the group that the proper thing to do was to confront, record, and discipline if necessary. He also asked the officers to support one another in those situations. Another officer commented that officers need to stand up for themselves and earn the respect of others by how they handle themselves. 

2. Boss brought up the topic of recruiting from other guilds and noted the following: We do not ask people to our guild from another guild UNLESS they ask us to join DA. In other words, we do NOT actively seek to take people away from their current guild. But we do welcome those who wish to join us, provided they are not on the banned list. 

Petty Officer review: 

James Ironkidd received good reports from William Foubutler and Jack Daggerwrecker (mentor). No detrimental things were mentioned. Vote was taken with result of unanimous aye. 

Bartholomew Firewrecker was officially voted upon last officer meeting but has not yet been promoted. Will do so tonight along with James Ironkidd. 

New Petty Officer nominations: 

William Foulbutler nominated Leon Singedsilver. He met eligibility requirements and was approved. Mentored by William Foulbutler and Cap Jacky. 

Jack Daggerwrecker nominated Destroyer Maniac Revenge. He was found eligible and Jack Daggerwrecker will be his mentor. 

The meeting was closed by Boss. 

Respecfully Submitted, 

Tobias Darkfitte, First Class Officer 

Thank you Toby for such detailed notes in my absence Happy 
If there is an ERROR in this report, please PM Kat Five Knives