October 29, 2017

ATTENDEES: Jason Firewalker, Kevin Ironbeard, LeviathanX, John Yellowrat, John Foulroberts, Kat Five Knives, "Big Rich" Richard Fireskull, Char Gold Rogers, Mike, Kris Cannonfury, Charlotte Ironphoenix, Johnny Swordparr, Kitty, Nate Hexwinds, Tyler McDyess, Thomas Sailskull, William Foulbutler, Samuel, David Goldrage


By proxy: Charlotte Ironphoenix; Drewski, James Couch



  • Report on DA officer database: Wililam Foulbutler.   The latest updates include a merging of profiles and a main system.  William is currently in the planning stages for a major update.
  • Recap on officer behavior:  Officers reported that behavior appears to have improved.  There was apparently one incident which will be relayed to FCO's.
  • Report from the Events Committee:  Charlotte Ironphoenix reports that there will be a community Halloween Spookatcular during a special Monday night Story Time (October 30) with Dread Poet Roberts.  Additionally the Events Committee recommends a Muertos Moon Brawl on Kingshead (date and time tbd); November 1:  Dark Archive Expedition to the Hallowed Woods to be lead by appointed Captains as we explore and quest this new area.  November 3rd Fashion Fail Fleet Friday; November 7:  The Meld (monthly DA meet and greet 8:00 PM Eastern)
  • Report on Veteran Marisol Furyhawk:  Marisol passes with a majority vote and will be promoted to officer.



  • Booting Alts:  A question was raised as to whether or not alts should be kicked if a member has to be removed from the guild.  The officers voted to remove alts of members if one of their DA pirates is booted due to poor behavior.
  • Guild Site:  A question was raised as to whether or not our guild site was being sufficiently utilized.  It was decided that our guild site serves as a good first impression and is a viable method to help potential members get in touch with us and it is important to keep the site up to date with news and other important information.
  • Guild Invitation Codes:  Officers were reminded that unlimited code generation must be avoided.
  • Official DA Bandana:  The new Devil Stripe bandana has DA colors and is declared the OFFICIAL DA bandana.



  • Marisol Furyhawk -  to be promoted to officer.



No new Petty Officers are being selected at this time.