October 28, 2018

ATTENDEES: John Foulroberts, Mark Murlock, Char Gold Rogers, Mekelle, Spencer Fire, Thomas Sailskull, Tyler McDyess, William Firemenace, William Foulbutler, Ben Phantomfox, Charlotte Ironphoenix,  Marc Scurvyfox, Jason Firewalker, Kat Five Knives, Johnny Bluemonger, Kevin Ironbeard, Cap Jacky, Kris "Pasta" Cannonfury, David Ironeagle, Fireflint

BY PROXY: Nate Hexwinds, Destroyer Maniac, Samuel, Richard "Big Rich" Fireskull, Charles Scurvyfish


Officer database:  William has installed a new notification system.   There remains some issues with adding a main after an alt.


--- Thursday events are going well.  We want to plan an event for Hallowed Woods, relegate discussion to the #event-planning channel on Discord.

--- It was suggested we add a short cut link to the guild calendar.

-- Monthly officer meetings... Most officers seemed to like the once-a-month meetings though there were a couple who did not.  A discussion arose concerning the petty officer training, which used to be 2 weeks and with an extension of 2 more weeks if the performance was substandard.  Under the new schedule, petty officers train for an entire month each time.  Officer voted that if a petty needs additional training, the officers will vote on whether the training needs to be 2 additional weeks or 4 additional weeks.


- a topic was brought forth questioning motives behind petty nominations.


Draven passes and will be promoted to Second Class Officer