October 24, 2021

Officer Meeting 10/24/2021

ATTENDEES:  Kevin Ironbeard, Nate Hexwinds, Hartley, Destroyer Maniac, Lorimar, Peter Ironcastle, 
            Char Gold Rogers, William Foulbutler, Kat Five Knives, John Foulroberts, Top Hat Jones
            Richard Fireskull, Kris Cannonfury, David Ironeagle, John Raidratte, Lady Cheese Curd,
            Jade Daggerfury, Wild Bill, Tyler McDyess, Jason Firewalker, Darkness, Murlock

BY PROXY: Samantha Goldskull

  Database Report:  William reports no new updates.

 - A suggestion was made to eliminate the Guild Supremacy part of Discord.  The resolution passed.
  -JFR informed us that the guild site needs updating and until he has the time to do so we may 
   run into some issues.
  -Officers are expected to fill out the digital form to host events, if they are willing to do so.
  -An event was suggested by Peter to run a "Grinch Vs Santa" event December 8th to 12th