October 2, 2011

ATTENDEES: Jason Firewalker, Cougar Bladerage, Horatio Stormchaser, Red Beard , Tobias Darkfitte, Kitty, Anna Banana, Johnny Darkbones, Perrault, Richard Fireskull, Sir Pasta Lot, Jeanne Stormfury, Fireflint 

* People as Teleport Totems was brought up again. Some are concerned that members will assume it is ok to teleport to others when they are AFK, a policy that Cougar has as a declared totem. Resolution: We have a tp rule - and it needs to be enforced. Members are not to teleport to other members without expressed consent, with the exception of when Cougar is AFK. Members cannot use AFK as an excuse to teleport to anyone else unless they are SURE they have permission. 

* An officer was concerned over his decision to boot 2 members due to guild chat violations. It was reiterated that we trust the judgement of our officers and the decision to boot or not to boot when rules are being broken is at their discretion. The violations were fully documented and all procedures were followed properly. 

* Using swift foot glitch during PVP was mentioned. It was reiterated that the Swift foot glitch during PVP is a form of cheating and is NOT allowed by guild members unless there is FULL DISCLOSURE before the PVP match that swift foot is being used and those entering the match are in agreement to the use of swift foot. Members of our guild who are on the swift foot glitch must inform people entering PVP that they are using that glitch. Otherwise it is CHEATING and they may be subject to disciplinary actions. 


John Foulroberts passes by majority vote. Solomon Blastwrecker will be retained as petty officer pending more practice. Many officers have not had an opportunity to see him work. 

Kevin Ironbeard was selected to be trained.