October 15, 2017


Jason Firewalker, Kat Five Knives, John Foulroberts, Kitty, Kris Cannonfury, Tobias Darkfitte, William Foulbutler, Destroyer Maniac, Johnny Swordparr, Char Gold Rogers, David Goldrage, Nate Hexwinds, Leviathan X, Thomas Sailskull, Samuel, James Couch, Richard Fireskull, Bort Greasegorb, Kevin Ironbeard, David Ironeagle, Charles Warmonk, John Yellowrat

By proxy: Charlotte Ironphoenix



  • Report on the database: The eligibility system for Discord and training is being redone, in addition to pushing out several bugfixes. It was also discussed that Veterans may receive permissions to add a pirate to the database, but receive no other viewing or editing permissions.
  • Announcement: New banners have been made for the meetings channel to more easily discern between agenda categories as they are discussed.
  • Posting in #veteran chat results: Results have been favorable so far. Officers and Veterans alike can track progress together and stay on the same page.



  • Officer behavior: Measures are being taken to hold Officers more accountable for their behavior once they attain office. A set of standards and repercussions are being developed, as well as a points system to track infractions in the officer database.
  • Dark Archive Meet and Greet: Officers voted in favor of hosting a "meet and greet." It was decided that it should be strictly for DA and not the public. The event planning committee will handle the organization of this event.
  • Petty Officer timeout: Officers voted in favor of placing a temporary hold on nominating new Petty Officers. Many trainees recently have not been getting adequate training, and there is not an explicit need for more Officers at this time. Nominations will resume again when there is an expressed need for more Officers (no ETA). Topic will be revisited.
  • Fashion Fail Fleet Fridays: This event has been neglected the past few weeks. Officers will make more of an effort to lead this event each week. It will be announced more often on the guild site.
  • Helping members: It was reiterated again that Officers should continue to focus on helping members out within the guild and offering themselves as a service to the guild.



  • Marisol Furyhawk - special extension made due to the Petty Officer timeout.
  • Tyler McDyess - promoted to Officer.



No new Petty Officers are being selected at this time.