October 1, 2017

Officers in attendance:  John Foulroberts, Richard "Big Rich" Fireskull, Jason Firewalker, John Yellowrat, Charlotte Ironphoenix, Kitty, Char Gold Rogers, Destroyer Maniac, Charles Warmonk, William Foulbutler, Kevin Ironbeard, Sir Pasta Lot, David Goldrage; Ezmerelda Dreadbones; Bort Greasegorb; Shipwreck AKA James Badbones; Nate Hexwinds; David Ironeagle, Leviathan X, Johnny Swordparr, Fireflint


By Proxy:  Drewski, Mark Murlock; Charlotte Ironphoenix


Old Business:  

  • DA officer database report:  William Foulbutler
    • William reports that guild site membership has been added to the records.  He also fixed a few bugs and is planning to add the ability to post images in the event notes section.
  • Veteran Report
    • Charles Scurvyfish passed officer training and will be promoted to officer.
    • Marisol Furyhawk - Training extended 2 weeks.
    • A possible problem member was discussed.  It was concluded that the member may remain as long as there is no evidence found to distrust him.

 New Business:  

  • A discussion was made about the procedures outlined when a pirate leaves or is booted and wishes to return.  The council voted to use the following procedure:
    • Add the statement "The appealee gets 2 weeks to submit an appeal to an Officer to start the appeal process. The member does not need to rejoin immediately after a decision is made. Should the member refuse to appeal or fail to respond to inquiry, they forfeit their ability to rejoin the guild"...
    • The leavings ladder will remain at 4 stages as is currently published.
  • A point of order was brought forth to add banners to chat discussions during officer meetings to make it easier to find discussions about  a particular topic.  The idea passed.
  • A point of order was about posting veteran screen shots in the #Veteran channel of Discord.  That way the officers can easily find it and the veterans can comment on their own performance.

Nomination of New Veterans

  • The officers have nominated Tyler McDyess to be trained as an officer in the Dark Archive, pending his acceptance.  Tyler will be mentored by Kat Five Knives and David Ironeagle.


If there is an ERROR in this report, please PM Kat Five Knives