November 27, 2011

ATTENDEES: Jason Firewalker, Cougar Bladerage, Anna Banana, Red Beard, Sir Pasta Lot, Perrault, Patrick, Tobias Darkfitte, Kitty 

by proxy: Richard Fireskull, John Foulroberts 

*A discussion was initiated by Boss to create an official LOOTING POLICY for our guild. It will include the following: 
1. IF you are the FIRST person in a specific looting area ( defined to be a single boss or small group of enemies ) then you have claim to that area. 
2. If you are NOT the first person there, request permission to loot there with those who were there first. DO NOT pull out your grenades and blunderbusses and start dominating the loot drops. 
3. If you are NOT first and those there grant you PERMISSION to loot with them, DO NOT declare OPEN TP and invite others to come - unless the people there first provide permission for you to do so. 

This new looting policy was approved by officer vote. 

* A discussion was initiated by Cougar concerning the definition of a veteran in our guild. The gist of it is: 
- Any PERSON who passes officer may have any or all of his/her pirates as OFFICERS. 
- A Veteran will be defined to be an officer IN TRAINING ( aka Petty officer ) or An officer who has lost rank but is still part of the officer corps. 

This HAS NOT yet been approved by the officers and did create a discussion that was not resolved. The discussion will continue off line in the officer section and will be voted on next meeting. 

* A discussion was initiated by Red Beard about posting directions concerning how to make screen shots with a chat box open, and editing the shots. Those who know the steps need to post directions; also needed - steps to clear one's cache memory, how to use a host so that pictures can be added to the officer section. 


* Jim Hexskull - Promoted to Officer 
* Wizard ( AKA Addison) - Promoted to Officer 

* Ben Ironbutler to be mentored by Red Beard 
* Tobias Sterneaston to be mentored by Kitty 

If there is an error or omission in this report please PM Kat Five Knives rather than responding to this post. Thx