November 25, 2018


Jason Firewalker, John Foulroberts, Kat Five Knives, William Foulbutler, Ben Phantomfox, Kevin Ironbeard, Char Gold Rogers, Thomas Sailskull, William Firemenace, Murlock, Samuel, Richard Fireskull, Tyler McDyess

By proxy: Charlotte Ironphoenix, Johnny Bluemonger, Destroyer Maniac, Kris Mc Pasta, Nate Hexwinds, Sir Francis Drake


- Database Report: Many changes have been made over the last month. Changes include: PM system was re-written, email notification preferences, automatic account locking after 3 failed login attempts, IP blocking after 5 failed login attempts, and many miscellaneous bug fixes.

- Events: Officers will work with members to plan a "12 Days of Loot" event for the guild during the Christmas holiday. This will consist of boss looting and a guild photo event. Potential date for the photo is set between December 6 at 10PM Eastern. Other ideas such as ship races and scavenger hunts were brought up and may be planned in the event planning channel on Discord.


- The possibility of a karaoke night in the Discord's voice chat was discussed.

- A concern about Officer decision making and discretion was discussed.

- Modifications to the way meeting attendance is handled were made. To be counted as a participant for the meeting, you must 1) Be present or 2) Review the agenda and notifiy an FCO that you will not make it.  If the agenda requires a proxy then you must send it in.


Torilynn: to be mentored by Tyler McDyess and Ben Phantomfox

Velvet DeMarisco: to be mentored by Kris Mc Pasta and Johnny Bluemonger