November 13, 2011

ATTENDEES: Jason Firewalker, Kat Five Knives ( Cougar ), Anna Banana, John Foulroberts, Red Rogue (Beard), Sir Pasta Lot, Stealthy Cannoneer, Perrault, Kate Darkbones, Kevin Ironbeard, Mekelle, Patrick, Tobias Darkfitte 

by proxy: Richard Fireskull 

*A discussion was initiated by Anna Banana concerning the quality of officer training. It was concluded that there is a thread in the Officer Discussion section of the guild site. Officers are encouraged to submit their opinions and suggestions there. The discussion concluded with a vote taken by the officers in favor of having petty officers who do not pass in the first 2 weeks of training go through the process of being nominated again. 
* A discussion was initiated by Mekelle on the TP rule.. that some members are not following the tp rule. Officers are reminded to post warnings on the site ( Officer Discussion section) for those who have been in the guild long enough to know better. 
*Kat and John initiated a discussion conveying some concern that a particular guild may be attempting to infiltrate and cause havoc in our guild. It was concluded that some research on this would be conducted. In the mean time officers are encouraged to be vigilant in protecting guild chat from Drama. 
* Perrault questioned the numbers of officers that we have and whether or not there should be a limit or cap. No consensus was reached on this discussion. 
* Toby initiated a discussion - or request rather - that officers make more of an effort to greet people as they come online. 
* Boss requested that members of the guild please support him in his effort to prompt Disney to change their policy of not returning inventory items that were lost due to a programming glitch. The email for contacting Disney can be found by clicking here. 


* D-Raw - Due to lack of opportunities to attend and lead guildings, training will be suspended until another nomination is given. 
* Ruth - Has resigned from his nomination and training and prefers to remain just a member. 

* Jim Hexskull to be mentored by Anna Banana 
* Addison ( aka Wizard ) to be mentored by John Foulroberts 

If there is an error or omission in this report please PM Kat Five Knives rather than responding to this post. Thx