November 12, 2017


Jason Firewalker, John Foulroberts, Kat Five Knives, Kitty, Kris Cannonfury, William Foulbutler, Nate Hexwinds, Richard Fireskull, Leviathan X, Char Gold Rogers, David Ironeagle, James Couch, David Goldrage, Jack Cannonshot, John Yellowrat, Samuel, Bort Greasegorb, Captain T, Tyler McDyess

By proxy: Destroyer Maniac, Charlotte Ironphoenix



  • Database: The database has been completely overhauled. This is a massive update and will add in more streamlined functionalities as well as additional security protocols.
  • Guild Events: The Meld is being rescheduled to a different date; members will be voting on what activity will take place during this event. The SVS race is also still being planned and will need scheduling.



  • Meeting date offset: Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the next officer meeting will be in 3 weeks (December 3). Once this offset takes place, meetings will return to regular intervals (every 2 weeks).
  • Events Committee: The event committee will be establishing a set meeting time in order to improve planning and communication.


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