May 26, 2019

Present: Drake, Kris, Murk, Tyler, Ben, Sam, Kat, Thomas, William, Peter, Spencer, Jason, Rich, Charlotte, Kevin, Nate, Des


Proxy: JFR, David Ironeagle, Velvet, Char Gold Rogers, Charles Scurvy



    Officer database

         Security and login improvements along with 2FA enhancements and internal changes


         Officers voted in favor to move event planning from the event channel in the guild discord to officer meetings

         Officers voted in favor to institute a single event (1) per bi-weekly schedule

         Officers voted in favor to host a monthly event in collaboration with another guild

         Officers voted in favor to revise the upcoming events for the month



    Discord rank colors: officers voted in favor to change guild member rank color from purple to bright orange



    Concerns were raised about an officer along with their alts being inactive for an extended period of time, it was decided that their alts would be demoted until removal while the main remains and if they resume duties they may be granted status back on their alternates

    It was suggested that another discord server be made for community purpose it help reasons, this idea was denied by the officers due to there being no pros to this idea



    Ruby - dropped from training

    Screaming Squid - nominated for training