May 20, 2018

Attendees:  Johnny Bluemonger, Kat Five Knives, Ben Phantomfox, Char Gold Rogers, John Foulroberts, Kevin Ironbeard, Thomas Sailskull, Kris Cannonfury, Stephen Callow, Jason Firewalker, Spencer Fire

By Proxy:   Nate Hexwinds, Charles Scurvyfish, William Foulbutler, Destroyer Maniac, Murlock, Ben Phantomfox; Tyler McDyess; David Ironeagle, Charlotte Ironphoenix; Richard Fireskull.

Officers more than 15 minutes late are counted as absent.


- Guild Events - Friday Night Fleets has not been as popular as Sunday night SVS.  Dual guild events are successful.  There is a continued effort to organize more dual guild events.


 - Absence policy revisited:  Absence due to military reasons will not carry consequences (the member has the responsibility for letting us know)  It will be reworded as follows:


If one does not play for a period of 6 months (12 missed Officer meetings), the pirate will be demoted one rank until Member status remains. If Member status is already held, the Member will be added to the Boot List and will await expulsion unless they return.  Officers/Members can be exempt from this policy if they are currently serving in the military or have communicated other extenuating circumstances to First Class Officers and above.

- Concerning appropriate content in the NSFW channel of discord, it was agreed that what is considered to be pornographic and should be removed from the channel would be at officer discretion.

- An issue was brought forth about officer attendance online.  

- An issue was brought forth about officers hosting their own Discord.  It was determined that as long as the officer does not behave in a way that would embarrass the guild, then there should not be a problem.


- The training for Petty Officer Joseph Savagewrecker will be extended 2 more weeks.

No new petty officers were nominated at this time.