May 13, 2012


Jason Firewalker, Cougar Bladerage, John Foulroberts, Mark Edgecastle, Tobias Darkfitte, Kevin Ironbeard, Jack Daggerwrecker, Kelby, Sir Pasta Lot, Patrick, Samuel, Richard Fireskull, Jim Hexskull 

By proxy: John Goldloather, Drew 


- Officers discussed ways on removing people from the Black List - it was concluded that an Officer should bring up a valid reason to move them elsewhere. The Officers also voted to analyze individual cases rather than over time pertaining to this. 

- Jack Hookstealer's return case to the guild was discussed - the Officers approved the case. 

- Names were evaluated and some placed on the Black List 

- A private discussion about a member ended in the conclusion that the member has one pirate who has drawn some unwanted reputation to the guild and it was agreed that the owner of said pirate may keep his alt in the guild but the main will need to be removed. 

- A small issue was discussed on the limit of how many pirates a petty officer may have in the guild. The petty officer may choose to have their alts as Veterans or not 


Jack - promoted to Officer. 


Samuel Warshot - to be mentored by Jim Hexskull. 

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