March 4, 2018


Jason Firewalker, Kat Five Knives, John Foulroberts, Char Gold Rogers, Tyler McDyess, James Sterling, Stephen Callow, Kevin Ironbeard, Kris Cannonfury, Patrick, William Foulbutler, Mekelle, Johnny Swordparr, Maxwell Murlock, Samuel, David Ironeagle, Richard Fireskull, Throllo, Fireflint

By proxy: Charlotte Ironphoenix, Nate Hexwinds, Bort Greasegorb, Destroyer Maniac



Database: Some bugfixes have been implemented this week. A feature to make member warnings expire by default after 3 months is being worked on.

Guild Events: Officer leadership in leading guild events has been lacking. It was emphasized that all Officers are expected to help start and/or lead all guild events. Recently, SvS Sundays were started - this will need to be added to the guild site calendar. Members and Officers alike are both welcome to contact a Co-GM or GM for an invite to the Events Committee channel on Discord. It was suggested that guild events be confined to Fleet Fridays, SvS Sundays, and participation in Dread's Story Time.

Emergency Behavior Provision: Officers voted to extend the behavior provision another two weeks.



Discord Behavior: It was noted that there has been a bit of vulgarity in Discord chat channels. The Tavern channel also becomes rowdy and difficult to reign in during times when the game is down. Officers will begin to crack down on this behavior more and issue warnings where appropriate. Chat channels housing both the guild and Discord-specific rules have been created for better visibility.

Repeat Behavioral Offenses: Officers were reminded to be firm, yet fair with the guild rules when dealing with members. 



Johnny Bluemonger: to be mentored by Charlotte Ironphoenix and James Sterling

Ben Phantomfox: to be mentored by Tyler McDyess and Kat Five Knives