March 24, 2019


Jason Firewalker, John Foulroberts, Kat Five Knives, William Foulbutler, Spencer Fire, Velvet DeMarisco, Mekelle, Kevin Ironbeard, Thomas Sailskull, Ben Phantomfox, Char Gold Rogers, David Ironeagle, Joseph Savagewrecker, Samuel

By proxy: Kris Cannonfury, Fireflint, Tyler McDyess, Nate Hexwinds, Charles Scurvyfish, William Firemenace



- Database Report: Minor improvements and bugfixes. Some security improvements are being developed. A few issues have arisen with the PM system which will be addressed soon.

- Event Proposals: Ideas for an event with another guild were brought up. Additionally, a joint-guild (DA vs Galatic Order) PVP team battle event has also been proposed. The PVP team battle event is set to take place next month - all are welcome to participate.

- Proposals for the inclusion of non-TLOPO DA guilds: Making a DA guild in SWTOR was discussed. There is a very high in-game startup cost. If there is enough following for a guild there, one will be created.

- Re-promotion of Peter Ironcastle (POTCO officer): promoted to Officer.



- None.



- Ruby Too/Redslipper