March 22, 2020

Officer meeting 3/22/2020

ATTENDEES:  Jason Firewalker, John Foulroberts, Kat Five Knives, Murlock, William Foulbutler, 
Kevin Ironbeard, Spencer Fire, James Swordfury, Kris Cannonfury, Velvet DeMarisco,
Joseph / Jessie Savagewrecker, Mekelle, Char Gold Rogers, Peter Ironcastle, Tyler McDyess.
Charlotte Ironphoenix, David Ironeagle
By Proxy:  Samuel and Darkness


-The new reworked database was discussed. A dark theme was suggested.
- The DA calendar will be reworked to attach a specific officer names to events so that someone 
   will be obligated to be responsible for the event.
- The issue of recruit guilding people who normally would need to be vetted first 
  was discussed.  One solution would be to make a google doc that lists names
  of pirates who need to be run by officers first prior to guilding.

- It was decided that the period of time for officer training would be reduced
   from 1 month to two weeks.
- There was a discussion of giving petty officers a test but that did not pass.
  Petty officers will continue to be trained and questioned using Discord.
- Currently our Minecraft server is open to Second Class Officers or higher.

 - Will Plankmalley promoted to officer
 - Johnny O'Might promoted to officer

New Petty officer 
 - Terror