June 5, 2011


Jason Firewalker, Cougar Bladerage, Horatio, Anna Banana, Johnny Darkbones, Kate Wildcastle-Darkbones, Mark Edgecastle, Molly Heartbreaker, Nate The Great, Red Beard, Stealthy Cannoneer, Tobias Darkfitte 

Topics of discussion: 

* Officer Evaluation sent around to officers.. need time to discuss. Cougar will post on site for officer discussion 
* Discussion of new Disney policy - we can no longer read a pirate's DXD numbers (or name ) by clicking - only by actually becoming their player friend. Discussion ensued about whether or not we should change our guilding policy to exclude those whose accounts do not allow player friending. 
The general consensus was to NOT change our inclusional policy unless this becomes an issue. Then we will revisit it at that time. 

* Officers should attempt to player friend new members to get this information. 

* Boss will be gone on vacation beginning June 8th. GM will be transferred to Cougar until Jason can return and resume his duties as Guild Master. 


Kiana to be promoted to OFFICER 
Jack Gunfury to be promoted to OFFICER 

Patrick ( Tobias Darkfitte mentor )