June 28, 2020


Jason Firewalker, John Foulroberts, Kat Five Knives, Jade Daggerfury, Spencer Fire, Destroyer Maniac, James Couch, James Swordfury, Rich Fireskull, Char Gold Rogers, Nate Hexwinds, David Ironeagle, Peter Ironcastle, Charlotte Ironphoenix, Will Plankmalley, Murlock, Larimar, Kris Cannonfury, Joseph Savagewrecker

By proxy: William Foulbutler, Kevin Ironbeard, Tyler McDyess, Darkness, Samuel, Captain Zamora


- Database Report: The DB is stable. A dark theme and two other themes have been added. Some critical GeoIP bugs were corrected.  Full changes can be found in the update center on the DB.

- Event Proposals
    - Black Pearl Boss Battle and Cannon Defense events may be hosted during Saturday night Guild Training events.
    - Dark Archive/Galactic Order joint guild boss raid events will be planned for every other Sunday night.
    - A Flex King/Queen role will be added. It will be given to monthly flex-contest winners.
    - The third SvS Tournament will be starting in August. Registration will be opened next
    - Test Tuesdays: Officers voted to not implement this event since not many members have access to the test server.


- New names to be nominated for Veteran were discussed.
- Discord channel addition for ease of access for nominating Veterans was voted upon.


- Roger O'Martin