June 27, 2021

Officer Meeting June 27, 2021

ATTENDEES:  Nate Hexwinds, Hartley, Wild Bill, Tyler McDyess, Kevin Ironbeard, Kat Five Knives,   Spencer Fire, Kris Cannonfury, Richard Fireskull, Larimar, Peter Ironcastle, John Foulroberts, Char Gold Rogers, Jason Firewalker, Samuel, David Ironeagle
BY PROXY: William Foulbutler, Samantha Goldskull, Boots AKA Darkness

  -William Foulbutler reports that there have been no changes this month and that the database has been stable


  •   A committee will be forming in the next week to plan our guild's 12th anniversary
  • Additionally, our fourth annual SVS Tournament will be held soon.
  • There was a suggestion that our guild provide activities outside the game such as Among Us and free or low cost group games.
  • Richard Fireskull and Spencer Fire are volunteering as media managers to look into the possibility of creating a DA Youtube Channel