June 23, 2019


Jason Firewalker, John Foulroberts, Kat Five Knives, Velvet DeMarisco, Richard Fireskull, Samuel, Spencer Fire, Peter Ironcastle, Kris Cannonfury, Charlotte Ironphoenix, Ben Phantomfox, David Ironeagle, Char Gold Rogers

By proxy: Charles Scurvyfish, Kevin Ironbeard, William Foulbutler, Nate Hexwinds



- Database Report: A deletion restoration system has been implemented. Deleted items can be restored if they are removed accidentally. Additionally, the "time in guild" system was rewritten to hopefully be more accurate.

- Event Discussion: Cannon Defense has been added to the bi-weekly guild event rotation. A "hide and seek" event with Galactic Order was also proposed. An additional proposal for a monthly SVS practice was made - scheduled for the first Friday of each month, 9PM Eastern.



- New guild site in-house hosting: Officers voted to move to a new in-house hosted website. A domain will be purchased and set up. The move will be progressive and will be announced when everything is ready.

- Rule prohibiting impersonation of a DA officer in Discord/other media: Officers voted in favor of adding a new rule against knowingly impersonating a DA officer.



- Sea Dragon