June 19, 2011


Jason Firewalker, Cougar Bladerage, Angel Prowpaine, Molly Heartbreaker, Horatio Stormchaser, Jack Gunfury, Jeanne Stormfury, Richard Fireskull, Stealtly Cannoneer, Tobias Darkfitte, Meg Goldswine, Nate The Great, via email Mark Edgecastle 


* Boss to reword guild rules and post in officer section for review and discussion. 

* Jack Gunfury suggested an activity in which the guild is invited to attend a hunt for a legendary weapon. Higher level pirates will assist the lower level pirates to keep them alive in high level area. There was general agreement among officers that this would be a good and fun activity to organize. 

* Richard Fireskull and Johnny Darkbones also play Lord of the Rings Online and Richard suggested a Dark Archive Kinship there. The officers were split on this issue so no conclusion was reached as yet. 


Patrick was elected to be promoted to second class officer. 


Fireflint was elected to be trained as an officer ( mentor: Jeanne Stormfury ) 

Please let me know if I have left out any important information.