June 11, 2017

Officers in attendance:  Jason  Firewalker (Boss), Kris Cannonfury, William Foulbutler, Kat Five Knives, Char Gold Rogers, Charles Warmonk, David Goldrage, David Ironeagle, Drew (Drewski), Richard "Big Rich" Fireskull, Jack Cannonshot, Mark Scurvyfox, Nate (Est), Sam "Little Rich", Thomas Darkskull, James Badbones

By Proxy:  Destroyer Maniac

New Business:  

  • Retraining of ex-officers who are now playing TLOPO.  It was agreed that the following members will be promoted to veteran for this purpose:  Mekelle, to be mentored by Kat Five Knives, Kevin Ironbeard, be mentored by James Badbones and Nate (EST) and Sharkbait(formerly known as Angel Prowpaine) to be mentored by Charles Warmonk and Kris Cannonfury.
  • It was reiterated that members are NOT REQUIRED to join the guild site.  However, it is still a requirement for officers.  
  • It was determined that all officer meetings will take place in text chat on Discord for convenience, stability, and accuracy of meeting reports.
  • Charles reminded officers that if they do not have a key they need to let us know using his thread.
  • It was mentioned that we could have monthly guild meetings.  However that was discussed at a previous meeting and down voted.  Boss reminded us that we do get together as a guild for officer promotions.
  • A specific member's recent actions outside the guild was discussed.  It was determined that this member did not break any DA rules but did act in a fashion that disrespected some guild members and was not representative of the high standards of DA members.  The decision was to keep an eye on this member's behavior but not punish at this time via removal from the guild.
  • It was determined that members WILL NOW be allowed on the guild Discord channel but they MUST apply for it.  This means they MUST have an account here at the guild site AND be a member of Dark Archive for at least two consecutive months.  Details will be forthcoming in an announcement on the guild site soon.

Old Business:  None




If there is an ERROR in this report, please PM Kat Five Knives