July 29, 2018


Jason Firewalker, John Foulroberts, Kat Five Knives, Kris Cannonfury, William Foulbutler, Char Gold Rogers, Joseph Savagewrecker, Mekelle, Johnny Bluemonger, William Firemenace, Ben Phantomfox, Thomas Sailskull, Kevin Ironbeard, Tyler McDyess

BY PROXY: Murlock, Richard Fireskull, Nate, Des, David Ironeagle, Samuel, Charlotte, Charles Scurvyfish, Bort, Spencer Fire


- Database Report: Bugfixes, miscellaneous improvements, and a dark theme have been introduced to the database.

- Guild Events: Officers were reminded to attend events if available. The Wednesday night material run event was moved to Thursday nights due to higher population on that night.


- DA Anniversary Discussion: Officers proposed some ideas. They will be voted upon in the next meeting.

- Char proposed an SVS tournament that would take place over a week's time. Discussion will be moved to the event-planning channel.


Robert Darkrage: to be mentored by Ben Phantomfox and Joseph Savagewrecker.