July 23, 2017

Officers in attendance:  Jason Firewalker, John Foulroberts, Kat Five Knives, Tobias Darkfitte, Kris Cannonfury, William Foulbutler, Mark Scurvyfox, "Big Rich" Fireskull, James Badbones, Thomas Darkskull, Destroyer Maniac, Nate (EST) Hexwinds, Mekelle, 

By Proxy:  David Ironeagle

Old Business:

  • JFR Reported that the old DA Skype has been discontinued though there is a report that some made a new one (unofficial)
  • Report for Veteran James Couch:  James was voted to be promoted to Officer
  • Report for Veteran John Yellowrat:  John was voted to be promoted to Officer
  • Report for Veteran Ezmerelda Dreadbones:  Ezmerelda was voted to receive 2 more weeks of training.

New Business:

  • It was decided that Officers will MENTION that it is discouraged to freeload on ships.  This will also be mentioned in the rules but will not be strictly enforced due to the lack of the ability to prove the rule was broken.
  • It was decided that a thread inviting members to be a part of the party planning would be created on the guild site and that those wanting to be on the committee would need to meet the discord requirement (2 months + in the guild and be on the guild site).  A party planning Discord channel was created.  Meetings will be planned and posted.
  • It was determined that the membership of the guild site should vote to determine a home server.  
  • It was decided that Fridays would not only be Tacky but also Poker Night at 7:00 Eastern time.

Nomination of New Officers in Training:

  • Charlotte Ironphoenix, mentored by William Foulbutler and Destroyer Maniac.  She has accepted this challenge.


If there is an ERROR in this report, please PM Kat Five Knives