July 1, 2018

Attendees:  Kris Cannonfury, Jason Firewalker, John Foulroberts, Kat Five Knives, Sir Francis Drake, Mark Scurvyfox, Ben Phantomfox, Murlock, Tyler McDyess, "Big Rich" Richard Fireskull, Mysterious man, Kevin Ironbeard, Char Gold Rogers, Bort, Johnny Bluemonger, Charlotte Ironphoenix, Cap Jacky, Destroyer Maniac

BY PROXY:  William Foulbutler, Nate Hexwinds, David Ironeagle


  • Officer database - William Foulbulter submitted that he made some updates including giving limited access to Veterans and added a few bug fixes.  He is working on changes to the administrative panel.
  • Guild Events:  Murlock has volunteered to lead guild events.  Some guilds were mentioned to contact for possible inter-guild events.  It was agreed to move the discussion to the public Event-planning channel.


  • The behavior of a member was briefly discussed, no resolution at this point.  
  • Officer Court:  Neither former member who applied for officer court were present.  Officers recommended that in the future, an officer will be appointed to handle the case.  Officers will submit their questions to the appointed officer in charge of the case.  It will be their responsibility to submit the questions and answers to the officers in the Officer channel and collect votes.
  • PETTY OFFICER results:  William Firemance was approved to be promoted to Second Class Officer of Dark Archive.


  • No new petty officers were elected at this time.


If you see any omissions or errors in this report, please PM Kat Five Knives