January 8th, 2012


Cougar Bladerage, John Foulroberts, Johnny Darkbones, Horatio Stormchaser, Perrault, Capt. Wildcastle, Mark Edgecastle, Nate Swordmenace, Kitty, Red Beard, Tobias Darkfitte, Kevin Ironbeard, Richard Fireskull, Angel Prowpaine, Tobias Sterneaston 


* The Officers discussed whether or not to lift the "ban" on the boot list or not. Officers voted to still not make one for a week. If the petty officers have not had sufficient practice, a boot list will be made for the next week. 
* The issue of members not being able to get an officer's attention on guild chat was discussed. 
Possible solutions: 
- If the member complains, ask them to Whisper next time. 
- If an officer SEES the request but cannot tend to it, whisper to the member that you will be there in ___ minutes ( give them an estimate ) 
- If you are going to tend to the request, please say so in guild chat so the other officers KNOW it is being taken care of. 
* Whether or not we should limit the number of officers is still an unresolved issue and a point of debate. 

* No current issues were discussed! Nice job DA! 


John Goldloather - Promoted to Officer 
Samuel - training extended 2 weeks 


Drew - to be mentored by Tobias Sterneaston. 

If there is an error in this report, please contact Kat Five Knives. ( some editing done by Kat Five Knives - thanks John for handling this for me )