January 7, 2018

Jason Firewalker, Kat Five Knives, John Foulroberts, Thomas Sailskull, Richard Fireskull, Samuel, Kris Cannonfury, Leviathan X, Charles Scurvyfish, Destroyer Maniac, Kevin Ironbeard, Kitty, Jack Cannonshot, Nate Hexwinds, Char Gold Rogers, Mark Murlock, Bort Greasegorb, Mekelle

By proxy: Nate Hexwinds, Tyler McDyess, Drew, Charlotte Ironphoenix, William Foulbutler



Database: There have been a few new additions as well as recent bugfixes. More features are being developed for the near future.

Guild Events: It was proposed that the Event Committee's main planning be done during officer meetings due to low participation. It will become a main item on future meeting agenda. Several new events are being planned. A bulletin on the guild site and Discord will be sent out encouraging members and officers to apply for the committee.

Guild Symbol Overhaul: Officers chose Charlotte Ironphoenix's motto, "From the fire we are born stronger." Officers also chose one of Mark Murlock's submissions for the official guild flag. Thanks to everyone who participated!



Guilding Procedures: A provision/statement will be added to guilding procedures prefacing our TLOPO staff presence and to respect their boundaries (i.e. using the support email instead of directly messaging staff).

Behavior: Concerns over arguments in guild chat over looting were discussed. Typical behavioral procedures will be applied to these situations for members choosing to break the guild rules or otherwise cause issues. It was also emphasized that Officers should not be partaking in bad sportsmanship with looting and to continue to lead and set an example.

Alt Swaps: A public policy will be posted on the guild site that will effectively rate-limit how often alt swaps may occur in the guild to lessen documentation burden.

Guild Information Page: A new page has been created on the DA guild site containing basic information about the guild. This is done to help public relations as well as encourage those outside of our guild to contact us if there are issues with our members.

Ship Plundering Rules: Concerns about loot/material runs and freeloading were mentioned. Ultimately, guild members should respect the captain's wishes if AFK is acceptable or not. If a member goes against the captain's wishes, it becomes a respect issue.

Staff: A privacy concern regarding some officers' ability to view chat logs due to their TLOPO staff status was addressed by JFR.



Pepperoni: to be mentored by Char Gold Rogers and Mark Murlock

James Sterling: to be mentored by Kat Five Knives and Tyler McDyess