January 6, 2020 - special meeting

Jason Firewalker, John Foulroberts, Kat Five Knives, Char Gold Rogers, William Foulbutler, Charlotte Ironphoenix, Joseph/Jessie Savagewrecker, David Ironeagle, Murlock, James Couch, Darkness, Tyler McDyess, Velvet DeMarisco, Peter Ironcastle, Richard "Big Rich" Fireskull, Samuel Bladeburn, Kris McPasta
Present by Proxy:  Kevin Ironbeard, Eric Fireskull

The officers of Dark Archive have determined that this new year, 2020, should bring with it some changes in our structure.  After discussion and voting, the officers of Dark Archive have approved of the following changes:
Dark Archive Restructuring: Recruiting

Welcome to 2020! With a new decade comes new changes, and in this case, we’ve decided to restructure how recruiting occurs within the guild. The main goal of this is to redefine what the “veteran” rank means.

Currently, veterans:
Are chosen at an officer meeting every month
Must have an officer present for each guilding
Must be in the guild cumulatively for 3 months
Undergo training for a month until the next officer meeting
Are specifically made for the purpose of training. There are little to no people that possess the veteran rank in DA at a given point in time.

The limited amount of autonomy that veterans have to recruit has proven to be quite restrictive. As such, the proposed plan is to have two “tiers” of veteran ranks within the guild. The main goal is to really open up the veteran rank to “worthy members” that are selected by DA officers. This won’t require an official meeting to nominate, nor would the veterans need to undergo a month of training. 

The NEW model for veterans and its criteria:

Be a good-standing member of the guild
Be active
Be a member of Discord as well as the guild site
Be a member of the guild for at least 2 weeks.
Have the ability to invite new members of the guild without an officer present with the revised in-game guild rules* 
Post new guildings in the #recruits channel - this would consist of a screenshot of the new member’s player card, as well as the date guilded.
Be informally selected by officers on a frequent basis. Officers can use this document to suggest names for the role.

Petty Officers:
Meet all the criteria for veteran (but retain the rank of veteran in-game)
Have access to the #petty-officer channel in Discord
Still would be chosen at an officer meeting.
Be registered on the officer database, practice entering in their own guildings as well as the guildings of regular veterans
Answer questions and demonstrate leadership (basic officer training)

The title of “petty officer” is merely symbolic and only indicates that the person is training to be an officer. Being a veteran at this point DOES NOT MEAN they are training 100% of the time.

If veterans do not properly document their guildings or they fail to inform new members about the guild rules, appropriate action will be taken to dismiss them of their recruiting privileges.

* It has also been proposed that guild rules only take up 1-2 lines in chat. Previously, guild rules took at least a paragraph to explain, which is a bit of a deterrent for new members. Keep the rules short and sweet, but also explain that a full list is available on dark-archive.com. Something like the following line:
“Ask permission to teleport or take the helm of another pirate’s ship. No cursing, flirting, controversial topics or drama. Be respectful to others, ask for help and help others when you can. A complete list of guild rules can be found on the guild website”