January 27, 2019


Jason Firewalker, Kat Five Knives, John Foulroberts, Samuel, Kris Cannonfury, Ben Phantomfox, Tyler McDyess, Velvet DeMarisco, William Foulbutler, Murlock, Charlotte Ironphoenix, Kevin Ironbeard, Char Gold Rogers, William Firemenace, Joseph Savagewrecker, Spencer Fire, Thomas Sailskull

By proxy: Richard Fireskull, Destroyer Maniac, Nate Hexwinds



- Database Report: A large update was done to implement officer statistics, as well as tons of bugfixes and QOL improvements. An application system was also created to facilitate Petty Trainer applications.

- Events: A potential co-op guild event with Fatal Fury will be discussed. An additional event, the DA PvP Gold Tournament, may also be organized with more details being posted soon.



- A new application submission system was created for officer use. Officers will use this to submit applications to be reviewed by FCO to become an official Petty Trainer.

- Official documentation and tutorials have been developed for the officer database. It will be updated in response to new development and will be linked directly in the database for ease of access.

- A question was raised about having a Dark Archive guild on different games. There is not a direct policy outlining procedures for running a guild outside of TLOPO under the DA name. This topic will be revisited.



Torilynn: dropped from training.


- Special meeting to be held in 2 weeks concerning officer nominations (due to needing to evaluate new trainers)