January 22nd, 2012


Jason Firewalker, Kat Five Knives, John Foulroberts, Kate Darkbones, Tobias Sterneaston, Tobias Darkfitte, Red Beard, Richard Fireskull, Jim Hexskull, John Goldloather, Kris Mc Pasta, Nate The Great, Perrault 


- An issue was brought forth about the PvP glitch - a ban and NEW rule on the glitch was suggested. Officers vetoed the new rule and ban. (PvP glitch has also been fixed in the latest Test patch notes) 

- A topic was discussed on whether or not we should host officer meetings OUTSIDE of the game - for fear of further interruption. The discussion was relegated to the forums. 

- An issue was brought forth on enforcing the new looting policy more - Officers will continue to enforce it and warn as necessary. 

- Officers discussed the matters of "account sharing" and suggested a new rule - the rule was vetoed. 

- An issue was raised on members "back seat moderating" on guild chat - further discussion awaits. 

- A discussion was initiated on demoting inactive officers - standard procedure still applies. 

- Officers discussed whether or not to allow Trevor back into the guild - the decision is pending after he meets with the First Class Officers. 


Drew - promoted to Officer 
Samuel - promoted to Officer 


Thomas Darkskull - to be mentored by Jim Hexskull 
Charles O'Morrigan/Beastly X - to be mentored by Kate Darkbones 

If there is an error or omission with this report, please contact John Foulroberts or Kat Five Knives.