February 4, 2018


Jason Firewalker, Kat Five Knives, John Foulroberts, Patrick, Richard Fireskull, Tyler McDyess, James Sterling, Destroyer Maniac, Nate Hexwinds, William Foulbutler, Kevin Ironbeard, Samuel, Kris Cannonfury, Bort Greasegorb, Mark Murlock, David Ironeagle, Johnny Swordparr, Thomas Sailskull

By proxy: Charlotte Ironphoenix


Database: A new PM system has been implemented to the database. From this point forward, all meeting agendas and officer-wide correspondence will be sent out using the database PM system.

Guild Events: Fleet events have been going well. Involvement regarding Tacky Friday has also been published on the guild site with a "Worst Dressed" thread for screenshots. No new events have been planned at this time. 


Behavior Provision: The emergency behavior provision enacted to tighten punishments for specific guild rule violations was voted to be extended to the next meeting.

Invasions: Since TLOPO now has invasions, Officers will need to be aware of and willing to lead invasions. This is also an expectation for Petty Officers during their training as well.

Attendance Accountability: Officer attendance will be logged at meetings, effective immediately. This is to help ensure Officers are accountable for their participation for holding office. If an Officer reaches a certain deficit in number of missed meetings, First Class Officers+ will contact the Officer privately for further discussion.


Stephen Callow: promoted to Officer.


- No new Petty Officers are being trained at this time.