February 28, 2021

Officer Meeting

ATTENDEES:  Jade Daggerfury, William Foulbutler, Kris Cannonfury, Richard Fireskull, 
Wild Bill, Murlock, Kat Five Knives, Peter Ironcastle, Dread, Jason Firewalker, John Foulroberts, Larimar, Kevin Ironbeard, Samantha Goldskull, Hartley, Spencer Fire, Tyler McDyess, Katherine LaPearl,  Char Gold Rogers, Samuel, Darkness (Boots), David Ironeagle

Proxy:  Roger O'Martin

Database - William Foulbutler reports that there have been no updates this month but has a few things in the works.

There were no new suggestions in the Suggestion Channel
KFK will post contest winners on the guild site
Peter Ironcastle will host a movie night
Everyone is invited to attend the Guild Supremacy practices.  They are on the guild calendar.